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Best Wines to Pair with Outdoor Summer Fun *

The summer season brings with it a lightness and ease, and an outdoor state of mind. The days are long and warm, which makes it the perfect time for picnicking, BBQing, lounging by the pool and enjoying the summer sun. Whatever your preferred outdoor activity, a great bottle of wine can brighten any occasion. Bring the summer vibes to your wine glass with our suggested wine and outdoor activity pairings. Remember to take advantage of our safe summer shipping offer through the end of the season!

Backyard Barbeque with Chiles Valley Zinfandel

It’s hard to find a wine that can stand up to the bold, smoky-spicy flavors of BBQed meat, but our Reserve Zinfandel does the trick. With aromas of white pepper-spice cherry and plum, and an elegant but hearty palate full of black pepper, blackberry and vanilla, our Zinfandel is the perfect partner next to pork ribs smothered in BBQ sauce, or anything else you’re cooking up

Pool Day with Sparkling Brut Rosé

Day-drinking in the summer means rosé. For us, there’s nothing more rewarding or refreshing than our Sparkling Brut Rosé coming from our Lewis Vineyard in Carneros. It delivers delicate softness and creamy waves of tangy strawberry, orange peel, and cherry sorbet that will quench your thirst while lounging poolside all summer.

Clambake with Lewis Vineyard Chardonnay

Where there’s seafood, there’s bound to be Chardonnay.  This wine evolves in the mouth, starting rich and creamy and cleans up fresh and citrusy that pairs perfectly with lobster, clams, shrimp, and anything else at your clambake.

Picnic in the Park with Lewis Vineyard Pinot Noir

For a versatile food friendly wine, we love our Reserve Pinot Noir. It sings with bright cherry flavors upfront and finishes with silken cranberry and bracing freshness – ideal for day sipping in the park. Expert Tip – place your lighter-bodied reds, like the Lewis Pinot, on ice before serving on hot days.

Bonfire with RHF Cabernet Sauvignon

On those cooler summer nights, we recommend one of our Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignons with a bit more weight and substance for when you find yourself cozying up next to the campfire. We love the flavors of toasted oak and punches of cinnamon and dark chocolate that our RHF Cabernet offers, but our Winston Hill and Patriarch could never disappoint on any summer night.

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