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Wine and love – the perfect couple! *

At the Intersection of Red Wine & Love


Wine and love go together like UGG slippers and cold feet…a soothing comfort that makes everything so much better. I think the best part about being in love is sharing a day, together, doing something new. In our case, it’s typically related to an outdoor activity. This past weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon discovering Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve. Wow! What a beautiful place…


Purisima Creek Trail Map


A perfect day begins at Lunardi’s Market, in Burlingame, to stock up on hiking snacks. This can include a delicious pink lady apple, some young asiago cheese, Trader Joe’s crackers and plenty of water. Our hike was a bit epic, as the trail has suffered a number of slides and fallen trees, but the views were extraordinary and the solitude and grace of the old growth redwood trees was magnificent! After 3.5 hours of hiking, our stomachs led us back to Crepevine where we happily noshed on gigantic salads and of course, I sipped thirstily on a glass of red wine!


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