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The Many Stylish Blends of Blanc de Blancs *

Blanc de Blancs is an integral part of Mumm Napa’s history. In 1983, Guy Devaux crafted the first-ever Mumm Napa sparkling wine—Blanc de Blancs (meaning “white of whites”). Each year since, we seek the best Chardonnay and Pinot Gris vineyards to craft the base wine. Chardonnay provides the structure, acidity, and length, and Pinot Gris adds roundness, stone fruit, and melon characteristics.

We pick our Chardonnay and Pinot Gris grapes by hand during the cool morning hours to ensure they arrive at the winery in pristine condition. Individual vineyard lots are fermented separately at cool temperatures in small, stainless-steel tanks to preserve freshness and fruit intensity, while a few select lots are aged in French oak barrels to add depth, complexity, and spiciness.

Since that historic first blend, our winemakers continue the tradition, now crafting our Non-Vintage Blanc de Blancs blend, Blanc de Blancs Reserve, and other select bottlings, each with its own style and flavor profile.

Blanc de Blancs Non-Vintage

Our Non-Vintage Blanc de Blancs, made from approximately 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Gris, is not typically barrel aged, which makes its style the brightest of the bunch. It displays complex aromas and flavors of lime, sweet Meyer lemon, peach, and golden apple. It spends 18 months aging on the lees, which adds wonderful complexity. The crisp, delicate flavors are a perfect match for a seafood Sunday brunch of oysters, calamari, and fresh green salads.

Blanc de Blancs Reserve

Blanc de Blancs Reserve is aged in oak barrels, made mainly from Chardonnay with up to 20% Pinot Gris, can be partially fermented and/or aged in oak barrels, and tends to have double the tirage aging as our non-vintage, generally spending an average of 36 months en tirage to foster a wonderful complexity. After disgorging, a small dosage is added back to balance the wine’s acidity. The rich mouthfeel displays toasty, biscuit characteristics, with a touch of spice, and the complex citrus aromas pair well with fresh seafood and salads during al fresco summer dinner parties.

Blanc de Blancs 2010 Barrel Aged

The 2010 Blanc de Blancs Oak Barrel aged is crafted from 100% Chardonnay. It has great intensity now, with the ability to age beautifully for the next 10 to 15 years. It was aged for eight months in older French oak barrels before 42 months en tirage. Rich and complex flavors of nougat, orange marmalade, honey, gingerbread, and quince jam highlight a creamy mid-palate texture that make a gathering with rich cheeses even better.

Blanc de Blancs 2004

Atypical from the style of the other sparkling wines crafted by Mumm Napa, this limited edition of 2004 Blanc de Blancs Oak Reserve was crafted from 100% Chardonnay, for sparkling wine aficionados who like a lot of power and depth in their wines. As one of the best vintages in Mumm Napa’s history, the 2004 fruit had great aromas and flavor concentration, and an exceptional acid structure, forecasting an outstanding aging potential. First released in 2009, and then re-released after 10-years en tirage, this wow-factor wine earned its toastiness, spice, and rich mouthfeel through oak barrel aging. It’s a favorite among Mumm Napa winemakers, with Ludo describing it as “liquid crème brulee” and Tami saying “it’s a sparkling wine for the whiskey drinker.” Pair it with poultry or game covered in a rich cream sauce during an intimate family dinner.

Each of our Blanc de Blancs blends has its own personality, which is another reason to taste them all and find the perfect fit for your every occasion.

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