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The Mumm Napa Winery: French Tradition, California Style

When our founder Guy Devaux was considering the design of the Mumm Napa winery, he knew Napa Valley was the perfect place to make sparkling wine in the French style, but no place for a French château.

The location, materials, and design of the winery—now celebrated as one of Napa’s most beautiful spots—were all carefully considered to echo the sentiment behind Mumm Napa wines: elegant, yet perfect for the most relaxed settings and everyday occasions.

The Perfect Setting

Guy scoured the country to find the ideal place to establish the craft of méthode traditionnelle sparkling winemaking in America. He chose a comfortable spot that reminded him of his native France, and embraced the extra dose of California sunshine it provided for our grapes (and our visitors). You’ll find the relaxed spirit of this place in every glass.

Many aspects of the winery were designed to embrace the natural features of the land. You can’t miss the Oak Terrace designed around a 180-year-old oak tree. The winery itself is built into the sloping hill to create cool, cave-like conditions for the wine and to reflect Guy’s desire that it look unassuming from the road.

Thoughtful Design

You won’t find a castle or a modernist cube here. Guy designed the winery to resemble a barn, and the visitor center to resemble a welcoming farm house. The enclosed Tasting Room gives the feeling of lounging in a sunroom with a great vibe, while the Oak Terrace feels like your dream patio.

Guy wanted Mumm Napa guests to feel like they were practically sitting in the vineyard.

He chose the redwood siding and green roof to blend in beautifully with the surrounding countryside, instead of standing out.

The Mumm Napa Experience

Like our winery, Mumm Napa events are the perfect combination of casual, yet memorable. Guests at our lobster feasts dine on one of life’s most luxurious delicacies—while seated at a communal table with butter dripping down their hands.

Other special events include the Mother’s Day brunch and the annual DVX release party, but you can always sip a glass of bubbly while taking a stroll through the photography gallery, which features a permanent Ansel Adams exhibit alongside a rotation of work by talented local photographers.


On our Capture the Sparkle tour, you can learn firsthand the craft of méthode traditionnelle winemaking that our founder Guy introduced to Napa Valley. Instead of the tour, you might choose to enjoy the gorgeous view from the climate-controlled comfort of the Tasting Room, share a unique tasting experience on the Oak Terrace, or simply lounge on the patio and watch the sun setting behind the Mayacamas Mountains.

If you’ve not visited us in Napa, we hope you’ll plan a visit. Please call Lauren at 866.783.5826 or email to reserve your tasting experience on the Oak Terrace. Until then, treat yourself to a glass of Mumm Napa in your own favorite spot, whether it’s a porch swing or a comfy couch. Cheers!

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