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The Mummosa: A Spring Brunch Favorite

Admittedly, we like sparkling wine best when it’s paired with only a flute. But a well-crafted Mimosa is a close second. It can turn even an average morning meal into a sparkling shared occasion. That’s why it’s become a brunch time standard all over the world. And it has been for quite some time.

It’s believed that the mimosa originated around 1925 in the heart of Paris at the Hôtel Ritz by Frank Meier. G.H. Mumm established its Champagne house in Reims, France about 100 years earlier in 1827, and it’s through this shared heritage that we think the classic mimosa is really a Mummosa in the making.

Follow our recipe, and learn how to make a Mimosa that will never leave your brunch wanting.

The Mummosa

4 parts Mumm Napa Cuvée M
2 parts fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice

Garnish (optional):
Seasonal berries for a sweet nibble after the final sip

Pour the sparkling wine into the flute first. Top with the subtle splash of juice, swirl gently, and add a flourish with a seasonal berry. We prefer California orange juice, right from the source, to hold its own against our California-grown sparkling wine.

Serve immediately by handing to your guest by the stem.

Better Brunch Bubbles

Even if you decide to play with this classic recipe a bit, remember a few things that will help you make a Mummosa-caliber Mimosa every time:

1. Little things mean a lot – don’t skip details like the quality of what fills the glass – use fresh-squeezed orange juice and serve immediately.
2. Avoid the “sangria” perspective – you know, the idea that good juice can shield lesser quality bubbly or prosecco.
3. Make it your own – orange juice can be replaced with pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, or fresh berry purée.
4. Our Cuvée M’s complex bouquet works seamlessly with cocktails, thanks to its slightly sweet showcase of powerful ripe fruit flavors of Napa Valley. It’s our vote for weekend brunches because it can pair with both sweet and spicy.

Remember, the perfect recipe is only as good as the occasion surrounding it. So pair your Mummosa with leisurely brunches at home, weekend getaways, or outdoor relaxation. Shared with friends, it’s really a recipe for success.

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