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How Your Amazing Guest Experience Creates Brand Loyalty

5 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty to Your Brand


It’s the Holy Grail for every business, we all realize how important it is to create customer loyalty.  Loyal customers is what companies work hard for, your business survival depends on your ability to create loyal customers.  Some companies have earned a reputation that keeps bringing their customers back, again and again.  How do they do it?

That’s the question, and books have been written about customer loyalty.  That doesn’t mean we can’t have a few tips of our own to get you started in the right direction.  Here is a list of some of our ideas.  Some of these ideas are new and some old.


You Have to Have a Great Product


This is one that goes without saying.  Your product or service must do what you say it will do.  If your business doesn’t perform as advertised, it really doesn’t matter how good your customer service is.  Your customers need to know they can count on your product, not just your customer support department.


Your Customer Service Must be Outstanding


It’s understand that everyone in your organization deliver’s customer service that meets, if not exceeds your customers’ expectations.  If you have a customer support department, you must offer incredible support that sets you apart from your competition.

Most would find this to be obvious, however it still surprises me how reaching a live agent for support is sometimes a not the answer to the customer’s problem that it should be.  A poorly run customer service department could also be called the future sales prevention department.

By the way, being incredible doesn’t mean you’re delivering the best customer service. It means your customer service is better than average, all of the time.  Something you need to remember, your customers are comparing your customer service to the BEST customer service that they have ever received.  Your Customer Experience Must be memorable, remarkable, and relatable.  Will the comparison have your company coming up short.


Always Tell Customer’s How Good You Are


Don’t hesitate to blow your own horn, tell your customer’s how good you are.  Let the customer know they made the right decision to do business with you.  But, do it in a way that’s not bragging and arrogant.

Tell your customers what do you do differently than your competition?  If it is something the customer will appreciate, make sure the customer knows about it.  Don’t keep what makes you different and better a secret.


Train and Cultivate Loyal Employees


If you are focused on creating loyal employees, you’ll create loyal customers.  What happens inside your business will ultimately be felt on the outside by the customer.  It’s not a coincidence that the best places to work are also recognized as the organizations that deliver the best customer service.


Always Look for Ways to Improve


Lastly, customer loyalty should eventually be about a lifetime, take it one step at a time.  Whatever happens, whether it’s good or bad, ask yourself the loyalty question.  ” What are we doing right now that will make the customer come back the next time they need what we sell?”  It’s not about a lifetime. It’s about the next time, every time.


Empower Your Employees to Serve Your Guests


It’s paramount that your company empowers your employees, allowing them do what they love.  It’s especially powerful if you let people do what they love and are good at.  


Allow Your Employees to be Great


It doesn’t mean that you are giving up control, it’s about allowing employees to do what they’re great at.  There should be a part of everyone’s job that allows them to do what they love to do, exploiting their unique talents along the way.  The result is a more engaged workforce that will work for your company, and most important, your customers.

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