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3 Types of Customers Who Will RAVE About Your Business

3 Types of Customers Will Talk About Your Business, While 1 Type Never Will


Have you ever wondered why some companies consistently earn free publicity from customers who gush about them?  While many brands exist in relative obscurity wishing that they would be noticed.

What’s the difference that creates this?  It’s Speech triggers.  These are qualities that spur word of mouth marketing.  They are something about your brand that initiates these spontaneous conversations.  

Theses differentiator’s might be something simple like the freshly baked cookies handed to newly arrived guests at DoubleTree Hotel.  Speech triggers must be something that is remarkable and memorable causing people to share the story.


Speech Triggers are Differentiators


No matter how compelling your speech trigger is, it won’t appeal every potential customer.  There’s no such thing as a universally adored differentiator.  A great differentiator always springs out of a customer focused companies actions.

To understand this, we have to understand the different types of customers who interact with our speech triggers.


The 4 Customer Types


After extensive conversations with consumers, I have found that customers naturally fall into four categories.  The four customer types include uniqueness seekers, experience advisors, fundamentals fans, and skeptics.  

Understanding these four personas is the key to defining your word-of-mouth strategy.


Uniqueness Seekers Crave Something Different


Uniqueness seekers love something different and will love you as long as you offer that. These customers come from every walk of life and belong age group.   Their only shared trait is the joy they feel upon witnessing something new.  

Differentiation delights them, and they will support your brand with intense loyalty if your brand is distinctly different in some way.


Experience Advisors Live to Criticize


Experience advisors are the critics among customers.  Differentiation doesn’t really matter to them.  They like to feel like they’re an expert and any discussion about your product by them is simply an opportunity for them to showcase their knowledge.

However they are the most likely to proactively engage in word of mouth.  These individuals are overwhelmingly young and female.


Fundamentals Fans Seek Value


Fundamentals fans really only care about quality.  They’re looking for value, great customer service and a solid product and don’t place as much value in differentiators.  They are mostly interested in the basics about a product or service and tend to be older than the other groups.  Nearly half would check off the “45 or older” box.

They don’t show excitement and are less likely to talk about your brand without some prompting.  They can’t help themselves though, if they feel that your product offers great quality.


Skeptics Can’t be Convinced


Skeptics are the toughest to engage.  They look at differentiators as being gimmicks rather than being something authentic.  This group is predominantly male, and they would prefer if every company stopped trying to be unique.

Ignore them at your own peril, though.   Skeptics are more than willing to discuss their distrust with others.  It gives them a feeling of power over your speech trigger.


Universal Appeal Is Overrated


It may seem to be impossible to impress all four of these customer categories at once.  And it is.  Fundamentals fans are waiting to be impressed before they open their mouths.

The skeptics of the world will only purchase your product infrequently.  Though they’ll spread the word in their own way.

Those challenges don’t mean you should not make the attempt to reach each of these groups.  As a marketer your goal is to hold true to the differentiators you have crafted.

Never forget that truly different, remarkable and memorable brands will always create their own buzz.  Even if they don’t achieve universal acceptance and adoration.


Keep Polishing Your Speech Triggers


Never stop polishing your speech triggers.  Don’t dilute them to try and satisfy four incredibly different types of customers.  The point of speech triggers is to create a lively and compelling conversation.  

The only way to initiate this type of conversation is by taking a bold stance that wears the personality of your brand proudly and unapologetically.


Speech Triggers are not Sales Propositions


Don’t become confused, you must always remember that speech trigger’s are not unique selling propositions.  Speech triggers are actual attractions for customers.  They are conscious actions made by companies and include chocolates on pillows at DoubleTree Hotels, and The Cheesecake Factory’s extensive menu.  

Speech triggers are the unexpected touches about your business that customers cannot help but gush about the next time they enjoy a coffee with a close friend.  They are the stories people tell and retell others about your brand.  

Pour your marketing energy into nurturing that story, and you’re guaranteed to get at least three out of four people talking.  Every sale begins with a conversation between you and your visitor.  Find unique and memorable ways to start those conversations.

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