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How Can You Personalize and Drive Your Social Media? P

Why Being Personable Is the Key to Your Social Media Success


There are many things on Social Media that successful brands do right.  Or at least differently than others.  Those that succeed find their own unique path to success.  The one thing they all have in common, they are all memorable and relatable to their viewers.

The reasons for their success may be very different,  For some it could be a their zany approach using humor.  Others may provide stellar customer service, and some are followed because of the terrific content they post.


Your Brand Needs to be Memorable


Memorable can mean a variety of things to different visitors.  However any business that wishes to be at the top of their audiences brand recall must be remembered because of something distinctive and remarkable in their content.

Visitor’s find winning brands to be personable and relatable.  Winning brands have very strong personalities.  Winning brands are also very outspoken and never reluctant to speak their minds.

You may wonder how this all comes together, creating an impressive social presence?  Here are some of my observations to get you started.


Your Personality is Your Brand’s Voice


We all have the fear that our brand’s voice will be lost in the plethora of social media which bombards everyone, every day.  The platforms are constantly changing and the competition is immense, making it difficult to stand out in the crowd.  

Our Facebook updates seem lost, after all, we’re competing with posts from family and friends.  Their posts are so much more interesting to users than almost anything that we might have to say.  

How can you possibly make your presence felt?  You have to give your brand a distinct voice of it’s own.  How can we possibly stand out?  By being daring and allowing our personality to shine.


Select Your Brand’s Voice Carefully


Selecting the voice for your brand requires a thoughtful approach.  Your voice must capture the soul of your business.  Your voice also must be consistent and be able to convey to visitors your brand and it’s goals.

After you have decided how your social media updates will be expressed, it’s time to fine tune your voice and message.  Before you realize it, you will have created a distinct persona for your social media presence.  All of your content will become infused and expressed with the same intensity and clarity.


Authentic Values Create Brand Loyalty


Being authentic and embracing your values will have other benefits.  Your audience will be attracted by your values and embrace your message. It’s preferable to have a loyal following than to have many who are indifferent to your values and message.  

When people embrace a brand’s beliefs and values, it shows their love for your brand’s personality.  When they do this, they become strong advocates for your brand and it’s message.


Your Content Speaks to Your Followers.


When you are attracting an audience that shares many of your values, they will also be quick to embrace your content.  Why do some businesses have blogs that grab us and hold our attention while others have ‘BLAH’ written all over them?

It’s because their content is not just entertaining, it grabs us and holds our attention.  Of course they are not addressing us individually.  They draw us in, making us feel comfortable.  It’s almost as if we were part of a family.

You may send the same content to all of your followers, each individual interacts with it in a different way.  Your content has a different impact on everyone who consumes it.

We’ve all seen or read something and immediately felt, “This is just what I was thinking!”.


Your Brand is Not Alone


None of us are ever truly alone.  We all all part of a tribe, many times we are members of several.  Sometimes it feels like the brands we follow can read our minds.  Can they actually give us exactly what we were wondering about?

These brands have done intensive research and they understand what their audience wants and needs.  They have also developed an authentic voice to help them communicate with their followers.

Some brands attract followers who eagerly anticipate the release of new content.  And they post their content consistently and timely to satisfy their audience.


Brand’s Interact With Diverse Communities


They also interact with their community and understand what their audience wants and post content which addresses these desires.

Posting timely content that your followers are eager to receive does not just happen.  Immense amounts of planning and hard work go into appearing to be spontaneous.  The personality and the voice of your brand are the driving factors to success.

Behind the scenes, these businesses have the appropriate tools and sound websites to pull off this spontaneity.


Smart Use of Technology can Create Magic.


Even if your content possesses a wow factor and is highly relevant to your audience.  You also need to ensure that your message is reaching the right audience.  It also has to be at the right time to have maximum effectiveness.  

This timely delivery of the correct content is driven by analytics.  Analytics are so important because of one huge reason.  Marketers are not mind-readers.  However, with the right tools, we all can appear to read our followers minds!

When will your followers most likely spot your updates in their feeds?  If you have a global following, you need to be mindful of the time differences.  There are social media management tools available to help you manage your social media strategy.  Using a management tool you can learn the best time to post on different channels and time zones.


Is Your Website Robust Enough


Businesses often fail because they lack the right tools and technology.  Is your website robust enough?  Is it easy to navigate?  Do all the links work correctly?  Can it handle heavy traffic if a webinar of yours is a huge hit?  Ultimately, this is where people will land from your social platforms if they want to sign up for a plan or make a purchase order.

For small businesses, it’s imperative to have a solid and robust web presence that can handle all of the possibilities that may come your way.  It’s important to use a reliable web hosting company for your business.  Reliable and up to date technology, as much as a smart strategy, is crucial for creating magic on your digital media.


Live Webcasts and Videos Engage an Audience


Using audio-visual mediums is a powerful method to communicate your message to your audience.  The written word is still important, however your approach should include both.


Videos Cement Your Brand’s Personality


Videos and live streams can cement your brand’s personality in the minds of your audience.  When people see the faces behind their favorite brand, hearing them talk, laugh, and express their emotions, is very relatable.  This is what draws people in and makes them return to your channels.

Live webcasts are interactive and build instant engagement with your viewers.  Even if you start out small, keep your chats engaging and share your expertise freely.  When you are courageous and big-hearted on social, you will see your following increase.

B2B companies can upload videos to LinkedIn if that is where you feel most of your target audience resides.  The bottom line is, a well-made video will work on any social platform.


Personable is Special


To create your mark on social media you have to give your followers something extra while making them feel special.  Technology, intuition, creativity, and courage all play a role in personalizing your social media presence.


Remember Your Audience is Human


There are few rules here, only the realization that you are talking to humans.  And they’ve often had enough of the content in their feeds.  They feel overwhelmed with the overload of information.

How can you make them comfortable and pique their interest?  How can you get them to listen to you and your brand?  What do you have that they cannot turn away from?  If you put yourself in their shoes, you might know where to start.


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