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For SEO Engagement Your Content Marketing Must be Relevant P

New SEO Lessons About Content Marketing Relevance


You’re in a battle to be noticed.  How can you be seen in the flood of information that buries each of us every day?   What can set you apart from everyone else?

It’s obvious, relevant content is what can set you apart.  Because relevancy creates attention in searches.


Your Content Must Have Search Relevance


If you want your content to succeed, the content you share must be someone’s favorite blog, podcast, or video in the world.  To be someone’s favorite, your content must be relevant.

Your problem, as your audience grows it becomes more difficult to focus.  It takes constant effort since we post about the many facets of digital marketing and what it encompasses.  This in itself can create relevancy issues since we don’t focus on just one element of digital marketing and your customer experience. 


The New SEO Lessons We’ve Learned


You Can’t Always Believe the Analytics


Examining our website analytics, they show that about 65% of our audience is in North America.  However, 83% of our survey responses indicate that their companies are USA headquartered, while the rest are scattered around the globe.


B2B and B2C Can Coexist in the SEO World


We don’t play favorites when it comes to our focus, and I think the B2B vs. B2C argument is usually misplaced.  Our audience here at the Better Business Alliance is just slightly more likely to be B2C.


Marketing Challenges Apply to All Business Sizes

Our audience at Better Business Alliance has partners that are both large and small companies, and everything in between.

55% of our respondents are in businesses with 5 or fewer team members.  On the other side, 22% work in companies with more than 25 employees.   While approximately 9% are part of larger organizations with 50 or more team members.


Decision Makers Are Always Seeking More Information


68% of our audience influences or makes company decisions about software, conferences, and other business choices.  It’s been said that executives and managers don’t do their own reading and learning.  That they delegate those tasks to others, our data does not support that.


What does the Future Hold for SEO?


Based on the lessons we’ve learned using our market based analytics, we know that the future will bring even more changes for us here at the Better Business Alliance.  


SEO Relevancy Will Continue to Evolve


SEO Relevancy will continue to evolve and we will work hard to help our partners build their Brand and grow their business.


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