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Who moved the goal post? P

It’s January (again)! This is the month of goals, aspirations, re-starts and optimism. What I find challenging is the feeling that the goal post might have been moved, without my knowledge. It’s similar to that missing sock that never emerges from the dryer…it’s so clear that two went in so how is it possible that only one came out?

Plans, strategy, focus, commitment: these are all methods to accomplish a goal. But, what happens when the goal post shifts? My 2017 personal goal is to find peace with my aging body! I feel like the key might be the opposite of what is traditionally presented: eat better, work out more, sleep more. Maybe the key is to let the goal post shift. Rather than have some idealized vision of my body, maybe my goal should be to embrace each day with an acknowledgement of gratitude that just accepts my changing body.

So, I resolve to not beat myself up over the following things:

  • Jeans that don’t fit like they used to
  • Hands that remind me of my grandmother
  • Facial hair (!!)
  • Adding 30 minutes to my alarm most mornings

I pledge to stop Googling every body ache, purchasing yet another cookbook (Paleo, AIP, FODMAP, Flat Belly) and running down the rabbit hole of remedies! Some days are just going to be rough and others will be amazing. I am going to make time to take time.

The really good news is that January only comes once a year!

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