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Make Your Own Flower Ice Bucket Centerpiece P

Making a flower ice bucket is easy! And it’s the perfect DIY centerpiece for entertaining and keeps your Mumm Napa sparkling wine cold.


  1. Put a smaller bucket, filled with rocks, inside a larger bucket (Hint: The distance between the two buckets will be the thickness of your centerpiece)
  2. Select your flowers and pull the petals apart
  3. Place the flowers between the walls of the two buckets (be random!)
  4. Put the lid on and fill the area between the buckets with water
  5. Freeze for 24 hours
  6. Remove the frozen ice centerpiece (Hint: Run hot water around the outside of the larger bucket to help your centerpiece detach from the bucket wall)

Enjoy with a bottle of your favorite Mumm Napa sparkling wine!

NOTE: You can also buy ice bucket molds from some kitchen supply stores if you want a shortcut.

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